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  • May 15, 2019
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This post was originally printed on the STAT website.

Your organic response game is on stage, but you have been hearing a great deal of chatter about SERP attributes and are interested if they could help increase your website’s visibility — how can you figure out? Our SERP Characteristics dash is going to be your one-stop store for all feature-related.

When it is the characteristics on your area that you are after, you will have’em. The amount of key words making each attribute? You will have that, also. The talk of voice they are driving and just how much you are owning? Obviously, and much more.

Following is a step-by-step guide on how you may use the dash to suss out a SERP feature plan that is ideal for your website.

1. ) Establish workable sites and sections

For instance, let us say that we are working for a big supermarket chain with locations throughout the world. Once from the dashboard, we will instantly visit the Review module, and this will provide us a strong indication of whether or not a SERP attribute strategy is achievable for our key word sections. We might just discover that organic is your street best travelled.

Navigating through our sections, we stumble upon one that is driving a large quantity of talk of voice an estimated 309.8 million viewpoints, which can be really up by 33.4 million on the 30-day average.

SERP Features tab Overview module

At this stage, whatever the deal is with SERP attributes, we all know that we are taking a look at a highly effective set of key words. However, because we are on a mission, we will need to learn how much of the talk of voice is compliments of SERP attributes.

Considering that the green part of this graph represents natural share of voice as well as the gray represents SERP attribute share of voice, right away we could observe that attributes are developing a large quantity of visibility. Surprisingly, more than normal ol’ organic outcomes.

By hovering over every sector of the graph, we could see their precise breakdowns. SERP attributes are driving a whopping 188.2 million eyeballsup by 18 million on the 30-day average, while natural outcomes are driving just 121.6 million, using also gained share of voice on the way.

We are convinced that a SERP attribute strategy is well worth researching with this section.

2. ) Get a set of the SERP attribute landscape

Next, we wish to learn what the SERP attributes appearing within our area are, and if they make sense for us to handle.

As a grocery store , not only do we sell new eats out of our brick-and-mortar shops, but our website also includes a regularly updated site with tasty recipes, therefore we’ve got a couple SERP attributes already in your mind (can anybody say areas and recipe effects ) .

However, if for some odd reason our SERPs are filled with flights and tasks, perhaps we will move on a section that we could have more effect on, and check on this another time.

Daily photo

To find out what we’re working together, we head into the [Current Day] SERP Characteristics graph, be sure each feature is enabled from the legend, and pick SoV: Total in the dropdown, that will show us the entire share of voice created by every feature emerging on our SERPs.

Right off we are aware that the very best two talk of voice recorders are straight within our wheelhouse: recipe and places effects. What are the chances!

Carousels and knowledge charts — attributes we have little if any control over — may be next on the list, but those trailing them are not much behind and are winnable. Thus, we will select our favorite five — locations, recipes, listing snippets,”People also ask” boxes, and paragraph snippets — to create strategies about, and make sure only they look on our graph.

Because food and food-related activities are inclined to be heavy on the visuals, so it would not be advisable for us to fail videos and images completely, so we’ll also empower them to creep on. (We will think of recipes and AMP recipes one, and also make a mental note to check into an total AMP plan sooner or later.)

Our [Current Day] SERP Characteristics graph now shows our preferred attributes stack up against each other concerning share of voice. Apparently, videos have such a small influence they don’t even justify a pub on the graph.

Over the years

However, before we ride into the sunset with all our SERP features just yet, we need to do a bit more research to find out whether they are a long-term connection alternative or a mere flash in the pan.

To do so, we appear to the SERP Characteristics Over Time graph, choose the SoV: Total metric together with us, and choose a date-range broad enough to provide us a fantastic idea of the previous behaviour. Ideally, we would really like to find they’re making constant progress.

In the minimum, they seem to get a fairly stable existence — no questionable drops to be viewed — that means that we have got ourselves a few reliable capabilities. Cool.

3. Know how many key words you are working with

We understand which SERP attributes will help enhance our website visibility, it is time to understand how many search phrases that every attribute’s strategy will revolve round.

Thus, back to the [Current Day] SERP Characteristics graph we mind, shifting our metric to Count: Total to find the precise amount of key words that create each response type.

This alters our perspective quite radically — movie and picture results today take top billing. Obviously, we will recall that despite their obvious prevalence on our SERPs, they have very little influence.

So far as the outcome types we care on the go,”People also ask” boxes and areas look for the majority of our key words, and much more keywords to optimize for way more time and energy.

We are completely tickled pink to find a rather few of key words are responsible for generating all of that recipes talk of voice this is the characteristic we will most likely need to begin with.

To find these groups of key words, we will just click on the SERP attribute icons across the bottom of the graph and voila! We are going to view a filtered view of these look from the Keywords tab, letting us create individual tags to them. In this manner, we can track them closely.

We can conduct some search engine optimization magic.

4. ) Chart your Everyday progress against overall tendencies

As we optimize to our various SERP attributes, not only can we monitor our progress, however we could keep a watch out for the overall happenings of attributes on our SERPs.

We are going to use modules at the Share of Voice: SERP Characteristics panel for all these rapid health-checks, customizing them to reveal just our favorite SERP attributes, which will make unearthing these insights much simpler.

SERP tendencies

The Top Increases/Decreases module shows us that locations, PAAs, along with paragraph snippets have obtained the maximum share of voice over our SERPs. The metric for every attribute tells us how much motion was created between the present day and the section’s 30-day average.

To put it differently, the general health of the attributes we have put our whole lot in with is performing nicely. And snagging among these might mean greater talk of voice than we had originally expected.

Simply videos have taken a small hit, but because we are not considering them, we will breathe a sigh of relief and then pat ourselves on the back for putting them off to the side.

We are going to continue to keep an eye here in order to ensure our attributes are still trend on the SERPs.

Personal benefits

But are people doing?

The Your upper Gains/Losses module informs us that our hard work is paying off to areas packs. Not only has this effect kind grown in influence on the SERPs generally, but we have managed to raise our share. Woo!

And while we have just produced a smidgen of progress with recipes, it is still better compared to none we had earlier.

Unfortunately, we seem to have lost some ground using all our featured snippets. Can we fall from a couple of? Can they get bumped down the SERPs due to other, more important capabilities? Are snippets only super volatile in our area ? ) We would be smart to do a little exploring.

And since our greatest growing SERP attribute for the day is not always what drives our website visibility, we will have a fast glance in the Your main source of SoV module to find out our SERP feature celebrity is.

Since it happens, out of all of the SERP attributes we have, places are providing us the maximum visibility too.

We are going to see the needle to find out when we keep making profits — we are currently just owning an estimated 1.7 million viewpoints from an accessible 60.5 million — or determine if another SERP feature seems here, usurping locations as our best earner.

5. ) Keep track of possession within the long haul

Daily progress reports are fantastic, but we will also want a running tally of our successes (and failures) to assist us zero-in on if and why things were (or were not ) working for us.

To do so, we will go into the SERP Characteristics Over Time graph, place our metric into Count: Owned and also our date-range to if we are interested in, and find out how the variety of keywords with attributes that we have has been trending throughout this interval.

Looking over our very first month of optimizing we had been doing a excellent job of raising our look in paragraph and record snippets until lately. We are going to have to look back at what we had been around on September 14 and determine if we could replicate our success daily so as to dig ourselves from our present hole.

Our place in areas results have held steady.

Go get ’em, tigers!

Now you learn how to research a SERP feature plan, what are you waiting for!

Want to have more advice or a personalized walk-through of everything you saw ?  Say hello and ask a demo.

What SERP attribute plans are you currently keen on researching — let’s below from the comments?

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