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Server Location : USA

Monthly (cad)
0.88 GHz CPU
512 MB RAM
20 GB Disk Space
500 GB Bandwidth
Compatible Add-ons
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Monthly (cad)
1.17 GHz CPU
768 MB RAM
30 GB Disk Space
600 GB Bandwidth
Compatible Add-ons
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Monthly (cad)
1.47 GHz CPU
40 GB Disk Space
800 GB Bandwidth
Compatible Add-ons
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Monthly (cad)
1.96 GHz CPU
1.5 GB RAM
60 GB Disk Space
1000 GB Bandwidth
Compatible Add-ons
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Monthly (cad)
2.43 GHz CPU
80 GB Disk Space
1.5 TB Bandwidth
Compatible Add-ons
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Monthly (cad)
3.2 GHz CPU
2.5 GB RAM
100 GB Disk Space
2 TB Bandwidth
Compatible Add-ons
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Monthly (cad)
4.4 GHz CPU
3.5 GB RAM
140 GB Disk Space
2.9 TB Bandwidth
Compatible Add-ons
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Monthly (cad)
6.4 GHz CPU
200 GB Disk Space
3.9 TB Bandwidth
Compatible Add-ons
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Features Summary Of Our Product


First Class Hardware

  • State-of-Art datacenter
  • High IO (10k+ iops sustained) & Low Latency SAN utilizing enterprise grade hard drives in Raid DP
  • Deployed in pairs for real-time data replication

Managed Support

  • Container boot related issues
  • Investigating Network related issues
  • Hardware related issues
  • Issue with deployment of VPS
  • Investigation of any hacking attempts. Any findings and possible solutions will be reported.
  • Setup and re-installation of VPS
  • Core OS updates and patches
  • Container login issues
  • Reverse DNS setup (since we have the IPs control panel)
  • Installation and support of core software packages
  • Initial installation and basic firewall setup
  • WHMCS installation only
  • Additionally, with cPanel
    • Installation related
    • Mail services
    • Web services
    • Database Services(MySQL)
    • Nameservers or DNS service
    • FTP Service

99.99% Guaranteed Uptime

  • Highly redudant SAN powered devices
  • 99.99% Guaranteed server uptime
  • 99.999% Guaranteed storage uptime

Powerful and Customizable Addons

  • WHM/cPanel
  • Free 1 Dedicated IP
  • Many more to come..

Summary Of Our Product

    • Server Hardware

      • Dell R610, Dual Intel Xeon 3.06GHz Six Core hyper threaded processors with 12M Cache
      • 72 GB RAM
      • 2x250GB Local HDD in RAID 1
      • Battery backed, RAID controller for all drives
      • Redundant Power, HVAC & Fire-Detection Systems
    • NetApp Device

      • FAS 3240
      • Enterprise grade service
      • 99.999% uptime
      • RAID DP
    • Software

      • CentOS 6 64-bit
      • Parallels Virtuozzo Containers (PVC) v4.7
  • Goodies And Other Info

    • SSH with full root access
    • Free 1 dedicated ip with every package
    • Automatic failovers
    • Full control over local firewall settings for your package


Q. What is Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting?
VPS Hosting utilizes a technology called Virtualization, to create an isolated Virtual Machine for you with dedicated resources and full root access. It gives you all the features and functions of Dedicated server, without the additional cost.
Q. What are the advantages of VPS Hosting?
With VPS Hosting, you have complete isolation. This means that no matter what other users might be doing on the server, your VPS package will be unaffected. With root access, you can install whatever applications you require. VPS also gives you guaranteed resources, so no matter what, the CPU,RAM, HDD and Bandwidth allocated to your VPS package will always be available for your applications.
Q. What virtualization software do you use?
We use Parallels Virtuozzo Containers (PVC).
Q. What kind of software can I install on my VPS package?
As you have full root access, you may install any compatible software on your VPS package. However, any software that violates our Acceptable Usage Policy will not be allowed.
Q. Can I install cPanel or Plesk on my VPS package?
Yes. We have automated installation process configured, so if you choose to buy cPanel for your VPS package, it will be automatically installed for you.
Q. Can I upgrade between VPS plans?
Yes, you can upgrade your existing plan to a higher plan at any time.
Q. What kind of support do you offer?
We offer Fully Managed VPS packages. For a list of items that we support, please refer to the features above